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Kerry Fosbre has been in Fashion and Beauty most of her career affording her the opportunity to work on both a national and international level and travel in some famous circles.  Her clients have included top couturier fashion designers from around the world, celebrities, cosmetic and health & beauty aid companies, upscale luxury/lifestyle brands as well as the launch of several consumer retail products.  And, working at two New York City based modeling agencies she has launched the careers of many faces in New York, Paris, Milan and South Africa.  


Kerry has been modeling herself for over 20 years as well as has appeared several times on the public speaking circuit landing her on the stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City and in numerous other settings.  In her spare time, she feels fortunate to train people in modeling as well as self-confidence and personality.  Realizing what this training had done for her at age 15, she now feels very strongly about giving back.  


Having her own firm, ABUNDANT LIVING, being a business consultant, model, educator and public speaker, today Fosbre adds Clean Lifestyle & Beauty Advocate to her list.  Her passion for this is a result of wanting to live her best life yet after being diagnosed with an immune disorder.  Discovering that it is due partly to personal care products and their harmful chemicals, Kerry has made the “clean shift”.  Coming from the beauty space, she has years of experience to have a candid conversation about the truth.  She now chooses to get down and dirty and educate others while bringing the best of her BEAUTY COUNTER business to as many people as possible.   It is Fosbre’s dynamic personality and “drive with a conscience” that has helped her to achieve her goal of being what she wants to be – HAPPY!


Enjoying time with her large family and abundant circle of friends is what she truly cherishes and finds she adores more than anything in Life – People make her “world go ‘round”!!

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