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Charlee is a writer, speaker, and transformational mentor for an elite group of people: those who desire radical reinvention, and are willing to go through hell to get there. After achieving (and maintaining) a 100lb+ weight loss a decade ago, Charlee came to the jarring realization that her real work had only just begun. Broke, bruised, and fantasizing about suicide, she knew she had a choice to make: shatter every pattern holding her hostage for 30 years, or fizzle out and fade to black. She chose the former and (re)created a life beyond her wildest imagination.


Charlee uses a combination of energetic alchemy, intuitive knowing, and inconvenient truth-telling with her clients to produce stratospheric, permanent change. Her core beliefs are that struggle is unnatural and unnecessary, neurodivergence is a gift, and the heart's desires are the blueprint for building a big, juicy life.


You can find Charlee's work and apply for her 1:1 container by visiting her website,


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