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A look at Prajje O. Jean Baptiste from His Ultimate Groupie

I am a Day One fan of Project Runway. One of my favorite designers to appear on the show is Haitian born Prajje Oscar. He is exactly what you want to see on TV with an outspoken and big personality and an insane amount of talent. Oscar appeared first in Season 19 of Project Runway in 2021 and then appeared on Project Runway All Stars. When Oscar moved his atelier to Philadelphia, I was ecstatic. At the tail end of covid, I was able to meet him at an event featuring Haitian Culture at the Pyramid Club. Since then, I have been lucky to call Oscar a friend and have attended several of his events.

Earlier this Fall, Oscar was tapped as the Headline Designer for the 14th Annual Fashion Week Columbus. “I was so excited to learn that the Columbus Fashion Council asked me the be their headliner…Columbus is known as a fashion hub,” said Oscar. Along with the final runway show, Oscar also sat for an intimate interview event during the week titled, “Philanthropy Meets Fashion.” I learned so much about him that I did not know in this authentic and open interview I was fortunate to attend sponsored by Columbus Fashion Council and held at Columbus College of Art & Design’s Canzani Center.

Here are 5 gems Oscar shared during his interview:

1. “You are not superman. Find someone to help you. Find people that are your cheerleaders.”

2. “Look fly but be smart about how you look fly. Go to a thrift store. The first thing I do when I go to a city is look up vintage shops. I don’t want to look like you when I walk into a room.”

3. “I leveraged this season. Make sure that you represent the brand you are building.” (talking about wearing his own brand on All Stars)

4. “I am still fighting for justice. We are all still fighting for justice.”

5. Don’t give up. I had doors closed in my face for 20 years. I’m Prince Prajje and you are going to hear about me.”

Additionally, Oscar is very involved in supporting Haitian organizations which include Prodev, Flying High for Haiti and the Haiti Response Coalition.

Oscar debuted his latest collection titled, “Nos Ginen” at the grand finale of Fashion Week Columbus. It was inspired by his childhood moments of escaping into his grandmother’s closet and dressing up.

Professional photos below by Tony Bentivegna Photography.

Next up for Oscar is Art Basel during Miami Art Week. He will be participating in the Art Beat Miami Festival on Saturday, December 9, 2023, at the Little Haiti Cultural Center.

Oscar is a Haitian born, US-based fashion designer who graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. He opened his fashion house in Boston in 2003 and now oversees the operations in Philadelphia and his design studio and manufacturing in Haiti. His designs have been featured in publications including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and Rolling Stone, and his use of texture and body-worshipping fabrics have received rave reviews from the press, on the runways of New York, and on the red carpet. For more information on Prajjé O. Jean Baptiste, please visit

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