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Are You Networking Effectively? 3 Easy Steps to Build a Following

As you know networking is a huge must-do in any line of business. You can honestly have the best product in the world, yet nobody knows it. Well, networking expands your reach!

When you attend big events with a lot of people, it can be a challenge to speak with everyone, however I do this flawlessly with a QR Code.

All smartphones are equipped to scan QR codes via the built in camera. In my opinion, QR codes are the future for networking, and it's much faster and more accurate than telling someone your name.

You can create your own unique QR code to lead to your website, social media profile, mobile app, pretty much anything on the internet. When you think about it, everyone at that networking event has the same agenda, and want to meet as many peoples as possible. So having a QR code creates an easy solution for them to get accurate information about you, just by scanning your code.

Want This For yourself ?

2. Make The Image Your Screen Saver

3. Have Everyone Scan Your Phone Via their Built In Camera.

Easy as 1-2-3!

Check out my phone from a recent trip to Atlanta's Top 20's event, with my teammate DJ Alamo from Coalition DJ's Philly. All of those people are new followers, just from scanning my code. If it weren’t for my QR code screen saver, it would've been hard to navigate as quickly.

Some Cool Pics From This Cool Networking Event:

My Self with Lil Scrappy (@ReallilScrappy) also seen on love and Hip-Hop and DJ Alamo (@IamDJAlamo) Gillie Da Kid's Official DJ (@Gillie_Da_King) at ATL TOP 20's Dinner Event in Atlanta, Ga.

Myself and Dutchess of Black Ink The Reality TV Show (@Dutchessofink) at ATL TOP 20's Dinner Event in Atlanta, Ga.
Myself and Atlanta Legend Yung La (@Yungla_)
Myself and Atlanta's Biggest Platform Owner "ATL TOP 20" at ATL TOP 20's Dinner Event in Atlanta, Ga.@ATLTOP20 They support the djs and artist.

They support the djs and artist.

And the great thing is, people thought it was so cool to use the QR code, that they even invited their friends to scan my code.

Feel Free To Reach out to me for advice. @IamYoungHitta on all platforms. GIVE SHOUT OUTS! & TAG @IamYoungHitta & @TheCityPulse

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