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Art Installation "Night Forms" Opens for the Holidays & Beyond

Night Forms: Infinite Wave opened this past week at Grounds for Sculpture. The 12 sound and light installations represent the second collaboration between Klip Collective and Grounds for Sculpture. I attended the media preview and enjoyed the magical, interactive and immersive experience through the sculptural park. The exbibit is open during the evening hours from now until April 2, 2023 in Hamilton, New Jersey.

The goal of the installations is to offer visitors the chance to encounter the interplay between art and the environment up close. There are even opportunities for visitors to participate and impact some of the installations along the way such as inhabiting one of the installations and playing a xylophone at another installation. "By design, the audio-visual artworks on view respond to and interact with the surrounding nature, resulting in a dynamic experience that visitors can return to again and again for fresh perspectives. Building off the success of the first installment of Night Forms, this year's iteration reflects our continued vision of bringing innovations in art to Grounds For Sculpture," says Gary Garrido Schneider, Executive Director of Grounds For Sculpture.

Before walking the installations, we heard from Ricardo Rivera, Creative Director and Founder of Klip Collective, about what we were going to see and I was struck by words like "connection," "wonder," and storytelling used to describe our anticipated experience. There was discussion about "the journey" and "the process" and how there are purposeful "glitches" in some of the installations as we move through them. This is based on the idea that "sometimes mistakes are beautiful." Rivera stated, "As you step into Infinite Wave, you get swept into a psychedelic playground of art, music, and light," Rivera explained. "Infinite Wave is an evolution and remix of 2021's Night Forms: dreamloop by Klip Collective. A new path starts where we left off and takes you through new and reimagined works. We've added new music and interactive elements, allowing visitors to be players of not only the visuals, but the sounds as well."

Tickets for Night Forms are available now. Timed ticket reservations are highly recommended. Reservations can be made online. There are also permanent scupltures and exhibits you can view during your visit as well as a Van Gogh Starry Night inspired cafe and a meal at the wondeful Rats's restaurant on the premises.

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