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Did This Season of Vanderpump Rules' End Feel like a Series Finale? Peter Madrigal Discusses

Manager of SUR & OG of Vanderpump Rules, Peter Madrigal, steps Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef! We find out his opinions on his fellow castmates & what he thinks the future of the show is. Listen now.

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Peter Madrigal:

Vanderpump Rules OG Peter Madrigal steps Behind The Rope. Back in a simpler time when everyone had their Bravo contracts in place, a mere week ago, Peter sat down with The Rope to tell it all. What does HE think about it ALL? Peter explains exactly how the show was cast way back when and it is not what was expected. Peter is kind enough to entertain the Rope's desires to talk about all of his cast mates. Who changed the most since the beginning of the show? What does he personally think of Jax's marriage? What did he think of this past season and the newbies? Does he think the future of VR should be broken into two shows? How does he feel to be one of the only OGs to actually still work at Sur? What role does he play in helping cast the show as the real manager of Sur? Whose wedding was his favorite? House? Of course we also address the season finale's breaking of the 4th wall and how it felt like a series finale with everyone going their separate ways. The future of Vanderpump Rules? All these and more questions answered in this no holds bar sit down with the OG himself, Mr. Peter Madrigal. 

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