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Havertown's First Holiday Festival!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good community festival! Give me some food, vendors, and live music, and I'm in heaven. If you throw a holiday theme in the mix, even better! Havertown, PA is already the home to some amazing festivals throughout the year, but they'll be adding their very first HOLIDAY festival to their line-up this weekend! The family-friendly event takes place on Saturday, December 10th from 11am- 9pm on Brookline Boulevard, and will feature activities and entertainment to put you in the holiday spirit.

Characters, crafts, music, and food will create the perfect celebration of Christmas, Hanukah, and winter fun in general. There will even be a lit menorah and tree lighting! It's also the perfect opportunity to buy some unique gifts for everyone on your list! For ALL of the details about the festival, including parking info, visit

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