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Karen Gravano Talks About the Mob Lifestyle and Starring on Families of the Mafia

David Yontef sits down with Families of the Mafia co-creator, executive producer & star, Karen Gravano. This episode of Behind The Velvet Rope is a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Mafia - listen now.

Courtesy of MTV

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Karen Gravano (Part I):

In preparation for tomorrow's season finale of Families of the Mafia, David sits down for an exclusive one on one with the Series Co-Creator, Executive Producer & Star, Karen Gravano. Wasting no time, David & Karen delve right in to her childhood and the moment she realized her life was “different" than that of others based, in part, on a murder outside one of her father's, Sammy The Bull’s, nightclubs. Other than a few other factors which tipped Karen off to the fact that this wasn’t how many families lived, Karen discusses her “normal” (for lack of a better word) childhood - dating, friends, having a “cousin" whose family the Donnie Brasco movie was based on. After discussing the definition of important words such as “Mafia”, “Loyalty" and “Rat”, Karen and David talk about “The Gotti Tapes”, the domino effect fall out that thereafter followed, and the subsequent end of the relationship between Gotti and Sammy The Bull. David and Karen analyze the Mob lifestyle and all that comes along with it - the made guys, competing families and, at the end of the day, family togetherness and love. Tune in to Part 1 of Behind The Velvet Rope’s very special sit down with Karen Gravano.

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