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Kelsey Grammer Remembers Kirstie Alley and Talks Girlfriends, Frasier & Faith American Brewery

Six time Emmy Award & three time Golden Globe winner Kelsey Grammer is back in Atlantic City to promote his delicious brews from Faith American Brewing Company. He's always very lovely with his fans, so it was great to snag a few minutes with him at the historic Irish Pub.

We chatted about his fond memories of visiting Atlantic City, his new Faith American Brewery, the Frasier sequel on Paramount +, a potential reboot of Girlfriends, remembering Kirstie Alley, playing Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons, the SHIFT Expo and starring in Lifetime movies with his daughters. Check it out! #KelseyGrammer#ohheyyy#AtlanticCity#Lifetime#Girlfriends#Frasier#KirstieAlley#TheSimpsons

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