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Local Main Line Women Create Men’s Skin Care that’s “Bucking” Good

The official launch of Young Buck Skin was held last Thursday, September 9, 2021 at the Merion Cricket Club. I had the pleasure of attending and meeting the Founders. The line is for the man who wants to smell good-but still manly. Young Buck Skin is a line of natural men’s skin and body care products. The scents are incredible! My personal favorite was Fresh No. 4, the Citrus Cedar scent. Since I took some gift samples home with me, my hubby and our bathroom smell delightful right now. Currently, the products are being sold via the website ( as well as at The Main Line Co-Op ( in Wayne, PA.

Founders Mary Katherine Schenkel and Suzanne Zelov are also the creators behind existing women’s skincare brand, Sweet & Kind. And they couldn't be more passionate and lovely women. Sweet & Kind is a women’s CBD infused skin care line ( The duo are native Southerners, CBD advocates, and skin care junkies. They decided to start Young Buck Skin when they noticed a void in the marketplace for their husbands. There were almost no skincare products for men using natural ingredients that smelled great and felt luxurious.

They named the scents Fresh No. 4, Sexy No. 6 and Rugged No. 9. Each scent corresponds with the scent number assigned by their lab.

Products include Body Wash, Beard Softening Oil, Facial Lotion and Skin Smoothing Balm. The brand uses organic ingredients and sustainable packaging wherever possible. The products are all created in the USA as well. The ingredients include aloe, hemp seed, bedrock root, chamomile, olive oil, vitamins, minerals. The benefits of these ingredients include soothing relief from irritation, nourishing to hydrate the skin without clogging pores, protecting the skin against cell damage to limit breakouts.

Look for some gift packages of their products to be available for the Holidays as well!

Photos: Perfectly Paired Photography.

Press inquiries: Patricia of Piqued PR at 610-329-6186 and

Follow: @youngbuckskin on Instagram

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