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Luke Gulbranson Talks Summer House and Hannah Berner

The Hamptons heartthrob himself, Luke Gulbranson, steps Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef! Get in the summer spirit with our chat about the hit Hamptons show. Tune in now!

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Luke Gulbranson (Summer House):

Now that the Season Four Reunion is complete, Luke Gulbranson steps Behind The Rope to clarify all regarding his freshman year on Summer House. Far from the Hamptons and flannel clad, Luke is more than eager to take David on a tour of his currently being renovated lake house in Upstate Michigan. After discussing their mutual love of Prince (we wouldn’t expect anything less of a good Minnesotan), Luke's many talents and careers - hockey, modeling, acting, jewelry maker, business owner (whew!), David & Luke get right down to business. Having never summered in The Hamptons before, he said yes when buddy Kyle Cooke asked, “hey, wanna join a summer house”. The rest is history. First impressions of the Summer House Cast, the summer house parties, the enigma that is Jordan, all discussed. Luke’s first season summer wasn't without its share of drama - Carl asking Jules to leave the house, the ramifications that followed both on and off camera (as explained to Andy at the Reunion), Amanda and Paige’s opinions of him. Luke is ever so much the true gentlemen. It's all good man, he says. Then, of course, there is Hannah. Hannah, Hannah. Take a sip of that Loverboy and enjoy!!

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