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Soon to be pop sensation Madison Rose gave the gays everything they could want at her first New York City showcase at Baby’s All Right on February 7th. Madison hit the stage sporting a hooded black and white stripped trench coat with black star shaped glasses belting out her song "Dancin’ Til We Die", the first track on her album "TECHNICOLOR". Midway through the song, without missing a step, she lost the coat to sport her signature color: rainbow. The crowd lost their minds in unison with Madison losing her coat to show off her bedazzled rainbow onesie with matching rainbow star hair.

Madison performed a half an hour set to a crowd of predominately gay men who were more and more mesmerized by the performer with each song, shouting every lyric back at her and moving in collaboration with the showgirl on stage. Madison’s stage presence was unmatched and commanded every eye in that room be on her and only her like only a true pop girlie could do.

Madison took every opportunity to show off her impressive vocal ability and had her own little Mariah moment (as I like to call it) during every song where she proved that her voice could hold a candle to the greats in pop music

Madison worked her way through most of her album bringing something unique and special to capture the audiences attention with each song. While performing "Sunshine", she brought out a custom Madison Rose umbrella and danced around the stage with it. During "Thunder", Madison took the time to add a little more color to her outfit, putting on a fringe rainbow coat and matching cowboy hat. When it came time for the viral TikTok song "ICONIC!", Madison showed off her runway walk which looked as if it could’ve come straight off the RuPauls Drag Race stage. Madison took the time to connect with the audience at points in the show talking about confidence, coming into your own, believing in yourself, and going after what you want in life because you never know where it will take you.

Although I was already sold before going into the show, Madison proved to me and every single person in the packed Brooklyn venue that she is a star on the rise.


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