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Navigating "Back to School" In This New Stay-at-Home Era

As students entered the new school year, parents and guardians had many other things to consider. In our new normal, the first day of school looked and felt different than a year ago. Our social media feeds were not highlighting students in front of their home or at the school bus stop. Instead, we embraced social media feeds of decorated bedrooms and desks as this would now be considered the new classroom.

The typical student requirements of pencils, pens, notebooks and folders were replaced with Chrome books that required internet connectivity.  The first day of school outfits were replaced with increased grocery shopping for school breakfast and lunch meals previously received.  

Personal finances have shifted from back-to-school in an actual classroom, to now a focus on connect-ability needs in their homes.  Three things to consider during this time include the following:

  1. What savings options are available through businesses that provide internet connectivity?

  2. Are schools providing breakfast and lunch options for families? And how do you obtain it?

  3. What emotional assistance is available for families and students?

Welcome to the school year 2020-2021. This school year will create a challenge for families, as students are being taught virtually. Gym classes are now being coached in the home setting. Even chemistry looks a lot different, as students typically learn in a laboratory.  

On the other hand, during this time, you begin to find education as a focal point of the community. Families, businesses, community groups, health and social agencies, and technology institutions are all coming together with the intention of helping students succeed in pivoting into a virtual learning world.

With the changes many have to endure, remember there are options available to assist you including local businesses and charitable organizations.

If you are wondering how to obtain information about the above services, first check on your local school’s website for information. 

Below are other sites to check your eligibility for these services:

Wishing all students, administrators, and families a safe school year. If you have any questions feel free to contact me for all of your financial needs.

Strategy Tip: Create a habit of partnering with your child’s school through ongoing communication with teachers and administrators. This school year, it is more important than ever before.

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