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Face Masks Are Mandatory in Las Vegas

Photo by Vera Davidova on Unsplash

Las Vegas must cover up. As of Friday June 25, 2020, visitors and residents of Nevada are now required to wear a mask everywhere they go. Since the pandemic began, masks were not required for residents living in Nevada in any public place, they were only optional. However, they are now required for all residents and travelers when they are in any indoor or public place.

And now, all residents and travelers visiting Nevada must wear a face covering in every casino. The only time they can take it off is to eat or drink. The cases of Covid-19 have been on the rise since the state reopened as well as when the casinos in Vegas opened on June 4th. Since then, there have been many visitors who are eager to gamble and party. I mean we are in Vegas. As we know, Las Vegas is a place where travelers come to escape the rules of home. This mandate will give everyone the ability to still do just that, but in a much safer way which is most important.

TAO Hospitality is practicing social distancing to a T while still having the vibe that we all crave. The day club at Marquee is being utilized for both the day and night time scene. The pool is open, the DJ is spinning, and social distancing is still in effect. Here's what to expect:

  • When entering the day club your temperature is taken right at the door through a thermal scanner.

  • All patrons are separated way more than 6ft giving everyone in attendance a huge sense of comfortability.

My hat goes off to TAO hospitality for adapting through these uncertain times. In addition, adding masks to this equation, especially in casinos where it is hard to control how many people are walking by, will really help slow the spread of Covid-19 - and that's the goal. Having masks on will give tourists and residents a place of comfort and safety, especially while being public. They will still be able to enjoy everything Vegas has to offer, just covered up. On July 4th, we expect all 35 resorts on the strip to join in the celebration!

Giovanna Paolella

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