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ONE WEEK LEFT TO CATCH THE FUN! Philly Fringe Fest Wraps Up October 3

Fall is here, and strangely, after over a year and a half, we are still not clear out of the pandemic yet. Something many wouldn’t fathom early in 2020. But after this much time spent social distancing and experiencing the world through Zoom, people are ready for a return to in-person events. And Philly folks – the arts are happening live, look no further than the annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival, wrapping up this coming week, but still a lot to catch.

The festival comes around every year, orchestrated through FringeArts, and can be experienced anywhere throughout the city. Independent artists and companies pick their own venue, schedule of showtimes and create content. While last year this went on mostly online, this year sees many artists offering either a hybrid of live and online or simply in-person events. And as usual, it gets weird, in the best way. Anything and everything goes, and you can experience it all – just take your pick:

OVERBOARD! at Cannonball

This year’s highlights are just as strong, unique and fringy. Searching for circus? Check out local favorite Almanac Dance Circus Theater with their Fringe offering: OVERBOARD! at Cannonball through October 1. Known for highly skilled and witty acrobatics and thematic circus style, this troupe is always a hit, never a miss. This year’s program is a nightly offering of Almanac-style storytelling, cabaret and more at the Maas Garden Bar, Philly’s “best kept secret.”

Another usual fan- favorite: dance group Brian Sanders' JUNK, with Dr Livingston Presents RUB HARDER, through October 2, categorized under ‘Dance, Immersive, Theater’. And it really is all that. Self-described as a homo-erotic cabaret, the offering promises to have you sit back and “indulge while ‘experienced’ rule breakers steam up your glasses and tear down your ideals.” Oh my! More info at

Looking for chamber opera? Of course you are! But wait – do you also like the 80’s? Alcina REVAMPED is a bit of both - Handel’s original baroque opera overlaps with 80’s instrumentation for a new adaptation by Alize Francheska Rozsnyai. Highlighted are themes of LGBTQ+ identity and “love, magic, belonging, and forgiveness” for this totally one-of-a-kind concert. Through October 4 at the Adrienne Theater. You’ll also catch Philly’s talented violinist and composer Michael Shingo as part of this show.

And these are just some of the program gems. Check out the whole list and browse for your personal interests at Take advantage of this last week of performances with the Philadelphia Fringe before the show packs up until next year.

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