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Meet Sarah: Your NYC Tour Guide Extraordinaire

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I’m usually never in my apartment.

I’m a new writer for The City Pulse, but a seasoned New Yorker; exploring the city and every enchanting attraction, event, and restaurant the Big Apple has to offer is my specialty. I spend the majority of my time on a city-based YouTube, TikTok, and podcast (appropriately coined “Crying in Public”), not to mention getting my daily steps in reconnoitering around the city Sex-and-the-City-style with my five closest girlfriends. Whether you’re looking for the best hidden bars on the Upper East Side, hippest rooftops in East Village, or best attractions in Chelsea, I’m your girl.

So, a little bit about me. When I was a teen, I lived in a small borough outside of Philadelphia. Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Friends, Seinfeld, and How I Met Your Mother were my medicine on even the loneliest of days. I was a sassy motherfucker living in a minuscule town, where the answer to the question “What do people do around here for fun?” was “… I think there’s a bowling alley twenty miles from here.” It’s safe to say that the prospect of strutting around in a tutu like Carrie or embodying the ‘Bad Bitch’ aura of Blair Waldorf was a lifelong dream. As a Disney Princess in high school, I endured my wig being yanked and gown being tugged by endless birthday toddlers and saved all my birthday money for years with the hope of moving to New York City some day. Although I did not end up following through with my original dream of belting like Rachel Berry on Broadway, I re-located to Manhattan when I was 17 with mousy brown hair, and a closet full of bohemian dresses from American Eagle. And then everything changed.

Now, I never let my roots overpower my blonde waves, my closet in my two square-foot apartment is packed to the brim with pantsuits, and boozy brunch is part of my weekly routine - never to be seen in a princess dress again. The way I see it, living in New York City is like making a reservation at a Michelin Star restaurant. You likely expect your wallet to be a lot lighter soon (and don’t worry, it will be), but the experience is five-star - and certainly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Welcome to The City Pulse: Manhattan edition. Grab a to-go cup of wine (I’m convinced Trader Joes Wine Shop is the cheapest in the city at the moment), put on your mask (bonus points if it matches your outfit), follow my TikTok and rate Crying in Public on Apple Podcasts (shameless plug), and join me on the quest to experience everything that New York City has to offer its ever-anticipative patrons. All of my dreams came true in this marvelous metropolis; cheers to yours doing so, as well.

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