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The 5-Minute Zoom Makeover

If there is one thing I am thankful for during covid, it's that I run my own business, and have some control over when and how many Zoom meetings I schedule. Zoom is where we are making our first impressions, meeting with potential clients, customers and even employers. Even my husband who has more of a traditional 9 to 5 is literally on video calls and meetings all day. So how can you be "Zoom ready" at the drop of a dime?

  • Have a few "go to" Zoom shirts. I shy away from anything that creases or needs ironing because those imperfections are just magnified on zoom. Opt for a knit or a sweater where possible. Try to select something that is not busy and preferably a bright color rather than a neutral that will make you look dull.

  • A headband goes a long way. I have invested in a number of "statement headbands" to throw on and look put together for Zoom calls when I don't have the time or interest in really doing my hair. Statement jewelry is great as well. Go with either a statement necklace or earrings - but not both.

  • Consider a bright lip. This is not the time for a dewey neutral color. All people see is your face in a little box. Think bright and bold. For many this is really all you need to look put together. For those of us over a certain age I would consider a foundation as well.

  • Alter your Zoom settings. Did you know you can go under "video" on zoom in your settings and check "touch up my appearance?" It is a game changer.

  • Invest in a ring light. We are over 7 months into this zoom life. There is no excuse at this point for bad lighting. Invest in a light. There are options from $10 to over $200.

  • Position your camera correctly. No one wants to see your ceiling as the main focus of your Zoom box. Or three chins because your camera is positioned from below. Prop up your computer or phone and play with the angles until it looks more centered.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
16 ม.ค.

It seems to me that to turn a video into Zoom cool, you need to remove the unnecessary background. It's easy to do, if you know the service. Thanks to the fact that the service uses a tool based on artificial intelligence and therefore everything happens in a couple of clicks!

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