Two Mile Beach: Wildwood's Most Beautiful Beach, Trails. Open to April 1 except USCG which says No!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

It's open for the season -- the most beautiful beach on the island of the Wildwoods! At the southern end of Diamond Beach you'll find the re-opened Two Mile Beach which is comprised of one mile of Cape May Wildlife National Refuge and one mile of the U.S. Coast Guard's station. Now through April 1, explore and enjoy.

Trails open

There are several trails that begin at the Two Mile beach parking lot about a half mile south of Diamond Beach. The access to the lot is from Ocean Drive on a tiny street called the USCG Entrance Street, a few feet from Madison Avenue in Diamond Beach, separate by a fence. It looks foreboding but drive south toward the Coast Guard Station and look for the parking lot on the left.

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The trails from the parking lot wind toward the beach, reaching the ocean at either a point a half mile south of Diamond Beach or where the Cape May Wildlife National Refuge meets the Coast Guard beach.For bird watchers, there is a good lookout spot on the ridge by the beach just south of Diamond Beach (see above).

The next few weeks are ideals times to visit this area as migratory birds head south for the winter and often stop at the southern tip of the island.

Coast Guard section of the Beach is a "NO" -- sort of

The beach in front of the U.S. Coast Guard station was open to military personnel and veterans for years. But according to the Coast Guard in August 2021, there are no plans to allow anyone to access the beach at any time during the year.

However, despite the signs that say "No" along the beach and more ominous "off limits" signs along the trails, this past weekend when I visited, people regularly walked past the sign to walk the entire two miles from Diamond Beach to the northern point of the Cape May Inlet. And during a boat ride along the Cape May Inlet, I observed more people walking on the Coast Guard section to the jetty.

Be warned, the beach is officially off limits. Walk along it at your own risk.