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Danielle is a locally recognized Reiki Practitioner studying for her Reiki Master Certification and is currently certified in Reiki levels I, II & III. 


In 2018 while working as a Restaurant Manager in an Atlantic City casino, her boss recognized that Danielle was struggling with severe anxiety, and suggested she look into Reiki. That day changed her life. The more she researched, the more intriguing it became, and she eventually started receiving Reiki Therapy. Quickly after, she noticed that it not only helped her anxiety, but it also worked wonders in all aspects of her life. Everything was completely changed from heightening her spiritual awareness and healing abilities, to being a more positive and overall happier person.  


After becoming certified, she immediately created White Light Reiki Wellness and Energy, which is based out of Egg Harbor Township, NJ. And she is looking forward to sharing the gift of healing with everyone in the tri-state area.

White Light Reiki Wellness and Healing

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