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Sam Nemirovsky started his career as a Financial Advisor with the Vanguard Group, and then pursued his B.A. in Marketing at Temple University.  After graduating, he founded the mortgage company, Summit Lending LLC, however with the 2009 financial meltdown, he ventured over to Wells Fargo, where he spent 9 years as a Financial Advisor - having to pass the Series 7 again - and business banker. His latest endeavor since 2016, has him running a boutique  non-collateral business lender.  All of Sam’s accomplishments pale in comparison to embarking on being the official pizza reviewer for The City Pulse.


When The City Pulse came looking for a pizza connoisseur, he was relentless in his pursuit to land this role.  They wanted experience, and he brought more than 30 years of it. He was born for this role. His 3rd job at the age of 13 was at Domino’s Pizza, where they actually paid him in pizza for 16 months. He moved onto a dishwashing career at 3 Italian restaurants from ages 14-17, and lived as a bachelor into his forties, which means a lot of pizza consuming. 


He has eaten pizza in all of his international visits, 10 different countries, 12 different states and the list goes on. From the worst to the best, he’s had it all.


Sam will travel to the best of the best places for reviews, and maybe some average places along the way. He will only rate based on the taste of the pizza, and perhaps mention some of the cool aspects of the establishment; but the final score is purely based on taste. 


Everyone is welcome to send requests, but just an FYI it will end up like lots of books that he hasn’t gotten around to reading yet. Truthfully, he’s a pizza snob and may give your favorite pizza place a poor score, so don’t be offended. 


That said: 3 Bites…that’s it!