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A Look Back At My Memorial Day in Cape May 2021

The recorded history of Cape May stretches back to 1620, when Captain Cornelius Jacobsen Mey surveyed and named the area for himself. 400 years later I'd imagine the ole Captain wouldn't recognize the place which bears his misspelled name. However, I doubt that would stop him from grabbing Key Lime Crush at the Inn of Cape May or a short stack at Bill's for that matter.

As the thermometer rose to a temperature more appropriate to season Smoothies at Chill were a popular choice.

But few things could top the simple joys of Memorial Day hot dog at HotDog Tommy's we find out below:

I went with the vegan dog and it was a delicious dog

But man and woman cannot live on hot dogs alone. To quote a long ago and infamous fast food commercial: "Where's the beef?" Well here in Cape May in fact at Nick Filet where a burger is much more than a burger.

A very enthusiastic employee sharing the beefy virtues of the Nick Filet menu.

In addition to indulging in some dogs and Filet burgers Memorial Day vacationers hung out catching some rays at the beach, lounging in pools and just chilling out with a drink in the afternoon sun.

Carrisge rides were available for couples seeking romance or tourists looking for a little horse-drawn travel.

And what would a Memorial Day vaca be without a little mini-golf? Lacking, that's what! I think even Captain Mey himself would get stoked if he put the ball through the clowns nose on 18.

The place to be seemed to be the Inn At Cape May where you could walk up to the window bar and order a cold beverage like an Orange or Key Lime Crush, then sit and enjoy the sun.

I later stopped by Harry's. which is practically an institution here having served up customers at the Cape for over half a century while bedding them next door at the Montreal.

Photo courtesy of It has the only restaurant rooftop bar overlooking the mighty Atlantic.

Selections aplenty on Harry's chalkboard.

I wrapped my Memorial Day up with live music on the porch at the Chalfonte Hotel

I'll close this with Mike Flanigan playing us out

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