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A Townsend Thanksgiving

Tyquana Townsend’s inner passion for philanthropy pours out when she speaks about her non-profit organization. Sitting around a fire pit, she lights up when telling me about her noble endeavor and desire to help others. The charity’s motto, Townsend: ‘Sending Hope, Transforming Towns’, is on a mission to heal the world, and works to better lives through various aid to those in need. Tyquana is not letting this Thanksgiving Day go by as a missed opportunity. She is in with the giving spirit, organizing an event for handing out blankets, toiletries and a hot meal. Although she is assisting to physical needs, it brings many something more important: uplifting dignity.

Get details about donating at the company page ‘TOWNSEND’, ‘Tyquana Townsend’ or on IG at dramafree_86.
DM for details FB ‘Tyquana Townsend’ or @dramafree_86.

This is Tyquana’s calling and she faces the path head on. The journey of running this non-profit is not an easy one, she admits, but she is fulfilled and energized by kindness. “Honestly, serving others brings me joy, it’s a part of my purpose. We have all experienced some type of hardship at one point or another and while it may be someone in need today, it could be you tomorrow”, she says. Still, the many challenges she faces echo other small businesses & charities in terms of systems and operations, costs, marketing and more. Another big challenge, she fears, is others not seeing her vision, and being remiss to help.

Although finances are of importance, Tyquana looks for people to help her spread the word.

She looks forward to November 26, and relies on her flyer to help publicize her event, and remind people to do an act of kindness - even if it will help just one person. "Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done", she quotes Proverbs, adding that Jesus is her role model, and acceptance without judgement is her staple. “No one is perfect everyone deserves a second chance and a fresh start.”

Tyquana Townsend and family

Her dream is to send hope, so she is doing what she believes will transform communities and towns. Her purpose gets her through the challenges. She also draws strength from emotional courage. “If you don’t move forward you will remain in the same place. While waiting for the approval or others life will pass you by.”

A few words of encouragement for this holiday season? Tyquana believes that actions which are pure hearted will always be victorious, so you’ve got to keep it moving.

Message Tyquana for more details on the event for November 26. All donations are welcome (non-perishables, turkeys, gently used blankets!) and appreciated. Looking to lend a hand for those in need? Join Tyquana around Jersey City and show some care for the homeless. Connect with her on Facebook at her company page ‘TOWNSEND’, her personal page ‘Tyquana Townsend’, and on IG at dramafree_86.

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