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Arts Come with New Twist to Downtown AC

Are you dying for the arts? Missing them so much that you must find a live arts gathering with music, art and entertainment? Well, those of you living near or visiting the Atlantic City area are in luck with all of that and more coming up, as part of Cruise: An Artistic Drive Thru Experience! Spearheaded by Antoinette DiPietropolo and Charles Ford, (@cruisethruevents on all social platforms), this fun and unique event is just around the corner, running March 19-April 5 on the top four floors of the Wave Parking Garage, a.k.a “Stockton's Noyes Art Garage” in downtown AC.

Courtesy and work of Sarah Lacy

DiPietropolo, who is co-Producer and has been the go to person for creating new and unique live experiences, has a wealth of knowledge in what makes events like these a success. Having dipped in Got Talent Live, Circus, Super Bowl promos, Industrials, and #Broadway she is super pumped, but sincerely appreciative of the community. Speaking about why bring such an event specifically to AC, she says “This is one of the only places that I knew would forge forward in a safe way to make a show happen during these times. The community is coming together to make this an extraordinary event.”

Co-Producer Charles Ford is also no stranger to the game. His forte is really designing corporate events and unique industrial shows, with past clients including Prince and Carly Rae Jepsen. His experience and passion are fuel for this project, and both he and DiPietropolo consider the greater impact such a show could have. “Between the riots, COVID-19 and homeschooling, we wanted to get the kids out and talk about being creative, to help with mental health, healing and bring joyous life back to Atlantic City, NJ.”

DiPietropolo (L) and Ford (R) at Arts Garage. Courtesy of Sarah Lacy

This event aims to tell a story about the phases of life through different forms of art. The segments vary, and are all timed to music to serve as the “heartbeat.” In upcoming weeks, we will also be highlighting the different acts that you can look forward to seeing throughout the duration of Cruise. For tickets and info, visit, call 917-327-9138 or email

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