C'est Bon Cape May at The Chalfonte Pt. 1

My first view of the majestic Chalfonte

SATURDAY AFTERNOON MAY 29TH Sometimes it's more fun to start at the end of a journey. I am kicking off my first post at The City Pulse, with the final stop of my nearly month-long Doo Wop Hotel/Motel Hop across the Wildwoods and Cape May. This last stop is a post-war hotel on the Cape. But it's not a post-WWII mid-20th century motel; no, this is a different war. Which one? Try the Civil War. Yeah, this is real old-school.

Entrance to the Magnolia Room, the plentiful screen doors around the building add to the relaxed feel of the Chalfonte.

Built in 1876, the Chalfonte Hotel is the oldest original hotel in the Cape of May (at least according to its website, and really who am I to argue with that declaration). It really is like stepping back in time. There is an authentic New Orleans/Savannah/Charleston-like vibe here.

The facade that has welcomed Cape Mayans and Vacationers for145 summers

Although I'm typing this blog in a sitting room with a piano on the first floor, I feel like I should be writing with a quill by the light of an oil lamp.

Music is a large part of the Chalfonte's past and present. Live music nightly on the porch draws large summer crowds and guests are welcome to tinkle the ivories on the two pianos in the hotel.

There is so much history here, and the website spells it out very succinctly: https://www.chalfonte.com/history.html. I could write descriptions and my impressions, but really, it's the images and videos that will tell the story at a historic place like this, dear reader.

East Wing Sitting room front of hotel

Chalfonte Lobby