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Can A Tea Make You Happy?

Blue Pearl Café opened recently in Ardmore, PA. Yes, during a pandemic! It is a plant-based cafe and coffee shop by Juice Dr. Owner FJ Leto. This is their first-ever brick and mortar location that they hope will be one of five new physical locations in the next five years.

Blue Pearl Cafe was originally slated to open in March, but its delayed opening comes at a time when people are seeking healthy options that will boost their immune system, now more than ever. Juice Dr. is well known for their large selection of cold pressed juices, juice delivery services, and their partnership with juices created for the Phillies baseball team. They offer bi-weekly delivery throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region. And for their coffee drinks, they partner with Rival Bros.

The café represents a new direction and expansion for Juice Dr. which to this point has been sold throughout the region and across the country in gyms, health facilities, cafés, coffee shops and to corporate clients. Notable current and past clients for Juice Dr. include the Phillies, Fitler Club, Walnut Street Café, Rival Brothers, Green Engine Coffee, Merion Cricket Club, Malvern Buttery, Rebel Yoga, Chestnut Hill Cycle and Fitness, and many others. Local Downtown Ardmore neighbor Tired Hands Brewing Co. also uses Juice Dr. juices to make kombucha and beer.

The café itself boosts a relaxing and zen-like vibe. Upon entering, patrons will encounter a grab and go fridge for cold pressed juices, wellness shots and prepared foods. There are a few tables set up for outdoor enjoyment as well. Guests will also be able to enjoy smoothies, specialty teas, plant based organic bowls & salads, organic noodles and gluten free grain bowls.

Photo Credit: Society Hill Films

Photo Credit: Society Hill Films
Photo Credit: Society Hill Films

FJ Leto used to be someone who avoided vegetables at all costs, but after heading to the Berkley area just after attending Saint Joseph’s University locally, he embarked on a journey of educational, nutritional spiritual exploration. Along the way he met his wife at a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center - yes you read that right. He quickly saw the health and energy benefits of raw organic juices and set out on an entrepreneurial path to bring this idea back to the Philly area.

When asked about why he is opening in Ardmore, Leto said, "We couldn't think of any other place we would rather be! We just love Ardmore." Juice Dr.’s production facility is also in Ardmore, which makes it easy as well. I think Ardmore is one of the most up and coming areas on the Main Line and we are happy to be part of the development."

I went in recently and tried the “Get Happy” specialty tea. It consists of chamomile, peach, passionflower, 5htp and CBD. It was so refreshing! I definitely felt better after drinking it, and also after my lovely conversation outdoors with FJ. Another fun fact about FJ is he is trained in Muay Thai - sometimes referred to as Thai boxing. Since I do some boxing myself, I was intrigued to hear about this workout he enjoys.

What I loved most about our conversation is that FJ isn’t preaching that we have to be super healthy all the time like he is. Much like incorporating a bit of exercise into your life, his plant based foods and immunity assisting beverages can add that bit of healthiness into your day. And you can do a subscription if you want to have some healthy drinks available to you in a convenient way, that you don’t have to think about. I will likely still have a piece of non-organic chocolate as well, but its all about balance right??? Welcome to Ardmore Blue Pearl Café!

For more information about Blue Pearl Cafe, Juice Dr. and Immunity Boxes, visit or call 484-414-4122. Engage on Social Media at @BluePearlCafe on Facebook and Instagram.

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