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Christopher Columbus is Under Attack

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Christopher Columbus, who bravely traveled on a wooden ship across the Atlantic Ocean to discover a new world, is under attack! Like so many brave people in history we now have the challenge to face these attacks and to continue our path ahead. In unfortunate recent events, certain communities have made sure that his presence as well as other statues of historic figures, have either been destroyed or removed for protection from those who feel such icons represent a racist or suppressive tone. Others recall the great exploration and/or contributions with celebration and feel that there would not be the United States of America without that historic moment. It seems to be a volatile discussion of personal preference and selective History- moments that remind me that we have to keep an open mind, listen to one another, engage in the uncomfortable conversation and continue to experience the unique differences that have made up our great world. Explore!! We have to explore new opportunities and new ways of living, we’re modifying, we’re adjusting and we have to re-discover! Experience newness amidst the discontent, the uncertainty and the unknown. Covid-19, as well as racially charged issues have sparked a serious new narrative and the way we are communicating with each other. The community in which we reside is facing challenges not only in our social and economic way of life but also in the ideals that may question our beliefs and our own heritage. As we discover a new norm, we are also dealing with uncharted territories or perhaps familiar places with different faces, we cannot deny the great explorer Christopher Columbus, while we are facing the stories of the past as it culminates into present day uncertainty for how we as a community move forward. Let's not erase our History, rather lets celebrate our amazing diversity and the melting pot we are! We can support our communities together during this unbelievably tumultuous time.

Our local businesses are facing great challenges yet new opportunities are being engaged and executed with great bravery and innovation! We always adapt no matter what the circumstance. The “pulse” of the community can only keep beating if we continue to drive it. Don’t despair, keep moving and keep exploring - together!! Not to worry- Christopher will stand again and will always be a reminder of our great discovery of America - the discovery within ourselves and the bravery we all will engage in during this time in History.

There’s a big world out there, so keep moving! As long as we keep uplifting each other, we will find a way to celebrate and explore our successes and our diversity together.

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