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From Costa Rica To New Jersey To Your Drink - Check Out This Holiday Classic with a Twist

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

If you're in New Jersey and want a taste from Costa Rica, then check out Classic Dezert Company in Mount Holly. Owner, Gennaro Annunziato has been selling desserts to my family's restaurant (Villari's Lakeside) for years, but that is not all he does. Gennaro also dabbles in the vanilla bean industry. The vanilla beans are grown in Costa Rica then brought back to his vanilla laboratory located in Classic Dezert's!

I started using Gennaro's vanilla extract this summer to create a vanilla simple syrup for the Simply Bella's line. And with lots of positive feedback, I now make a variety of flavors with the extract such as Cinnamon Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow & Vanilla Apple (seasonal).

Customers often ask for new ways to use the syrup other than just cocktails, and believe me, there are plenty! Pictured is a cinnamon vanilla mug cake I made replacing the granulated sugar for simple syrup. Want the recipe? Its is available on my instagram! However, for those who know me, know I love my cocktails so check out the recipe below for a fall sangria!

Cinnamon Vanilla Sangria

1.25oz Fireball

2oz Moscato

1/4oz Apple Cider

Top with Club Soda

Have a local product that you're interested in being made into a syrup?

Send an email to

Facebook: Simply Bella's

Instagram: @Simply_Bellas


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