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Has COVID-19 Decreased Your DJ Revenue? Try This!

As we all know due to COVID-19, the entertainment industry suffered big time. I've been in the music industry for years and i've never experienced anything like this, I'm sure you haven't either.

Virtual Parties are looking like a promising part of a DJs career. When "the world closed" djs took over social media platforms like never before starting a trend. I was one of the djs a part of starting this trend locally.

At first, I started with Simply DJing on facebook live and posting up my cash app. I couldn't believe the turn out! My fans were commenting pretending they are at the club, "Hey man, please pass me the ice and the cranberry please." After day one, I realized my social media engagement rate sky rocketed, i've gained new followers, i've received future bookings, and i've made $400 from DJing on Facebook Live. $400 for DJing in my bedroom! No matter what's going on people still look to be entertained.

Trends become saturated quickly, all DJs adopted to the "Post My Cash App" trend. I knew I couldn't just stop there, if I wanted to continue to bring in revenue I have to stay interesting. I began personal Zoom parties where I'd DJ for whom ever you choose via Zoom or personal weblink and i'll provide the music virtually to all of your attendees.

I purchased a program called "Loopback" by for $99. A cable-free audio routing program for mac. This is the essential tool behind getting a clean digital signal out to my listeners to their listening platform of choice. Typically i'll set my equipment up just as I would for a gig but, with Loopback you don't need speakers. Yes, that's right no speakers needed. You could dj virtually for 300,000 people from your library with loopback. I run Serato DJ like normal , however I run a feed from the controller into Loopback, and my output is whatever I would like to broadcast to ex:Zoom. This does not effect my live set volume (master volume) this solely applies to the digital internal signal. This allows you to play your set like normal, yet control your digital signal separately with out additional hardware. Check out my setup below:

You can use this same setup at any event that you're trying to stream from. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance via @IamYoungHitta on social media.

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