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Dave Portnoy Pays the Jersey Shore A Long Over Due Visit | The Mack's & Sams Battle is Settled!

Photo: Dave Portnoy Instagram

Dave Portnoy paid a long overdue visit to The Jersey Shore this past week to give our well-known pizza paces a rating. Portnoy is known for creating Barstool Sports an online blog and now a well-renowned franchise for all things sports. Portnoy is also popular for his pizza reviews and podcast with internet celebrity Josh Richards, titled BFFs.

Dave Portnoy began his pizza reviews in March of 2013. Since then, Portnoy has traveled all over the United States trying over 500 different pizzas to let us know which is the very best. After all of this time, Portnoy has yet to rank any of the pizzas a 10 out of 10.

This past Thursday, Portnoy made his first stop at Sam's Pizza in Wildwood, NJ. Here the crowd quickly grew as people on the boardwalk recognized Portnoy. In this YouTube video review, Portnoy explains how he has been told to review Sam's pizza countless times in the past couple of years.

Portnoy was finally here due to the opening Barstool Sportsbook in New Jersey, however in one of his online video advertisements, he mistakingly claimed that Wildwood was Yankee Country. Boy did he get a lot of backlash for that, as many of his staunch supporters snapped back quickly making sure he knew we are Philadelphia fans here!

To no surprise to some, the famous Sam's Pizza received a 7.9 out of 10. Which in Portnoy's book of ratings is very high.

Up next was Mack's Pizza in Wildwood, NJ. If you have ever been to Wildwood or even Ocean City then you know the debate between which is the better pizza. Portnoy put an end to the controversy by rating Mack's a whopping 6.7 out of 10. Saying that although Mack's is in the top 10% rating of the boardwalk pizzas he's had, Sam's is better.

Photo taken from on Instagram

The last stop for Portnoy was Oagies Pizza in Sea Isle City, NJ. Although, he has yet to release the review, Sea Isle locals give us the skinny on what it was like meeting the One Bite guru.

Jacklyn Romano, the owner of, a popular fitness studio - located right off the Garden State Parkway near the Sea Isle exit - is also a social media influencer who had the pleasure of meeting Portnoy last Thursday.

Just like Dave, she created her business from the ground up by first opening her studio in June of 2020. Ever since the launch, her accolades keep growing, as she was voted gold for the best personal trainer in 2020 to now having amassed a large following on social media, where people will travel to her just to fulfill their fitness journey. Jacklyn explained that Portnoy was super sweet and down to earth - which clearly means the two have a lot in common! You can find the link to studio's Instagram below and see for yourself!

Photo taken from @seaisleice on instagram

The one and only Sea Isle Ice had their encounter with Dave Portnoy as well, saying he was really nice and willing to take pictures.

Unfortunately, fans did not get to see Dave trying out this summer's newest alcoholic drink, the Sea Isle Spiked Iced Tea which was recently released this summer - and is hard to come by due to the popularity and demand. But don't worry, the majority of Jersey shore lovers were able to get their hands on the drink and have raved about the excellent libation.

Welcome to the Jersey Shore Dave, hope to see you again soon! You know the rules!

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