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Director Alexandra Dean Dives into Filming Paris Hilton's Documentary "This is Paris"

Alexandra Dean gives an insider look into getting to know the real Paris Hilton over the year long documentary filming process for "This is Paris." An eye-opening film and interview. Listen to part 1 now.

Behind The Velvet Rope: This Is Paris (Director Alexandra Dean talks all things Paris) - Part I:

"This is Paris” Director Alexandra Dean steps Behind The Rope. Welcome! Checking in from her attic in Long Island, New York, Alexandra is here to discuss the brilliant film that is “This Is Paris”. Originally from London, Alexandra came to New York City for college and never left. After a brief stint in financial documentaries, Alexandra made her first feature film a few years ago, “Bombshell: the Hedy Lamarr Story". Susan Sarandon was her partner in that venture. Say what? We discuss her influences as a female director - Greta Gerwig, Ava DuVernay, Sophia Coppola, and Kathryn Bigelow. How how does one get to be the “chosen one” to follow Paris Hilton all over the world during the course of a year? Alexandra discusses what it is like to get a call from Paris’ team, what the interview process was like, and how does one dress when meeting Paris Hilton for the first time. Alexandra opens up about how Paris reacted to handing over total control to her and what it was like to show her the film once finished. We discuss how important it was for Paris to have a female director for “This Is Paris”. We deep dive into the juggernaut that is Paris - The Sex Tape, The Simple Life, The music, "American Meme", The Voice, "That’s Hot", The perfume, The products, International DJ, Paris’ “Little Hiltons”, Worldwide Domination. We dicusss how Paris IS larger than life. Alexandra discusses Paris, “the character”, versus Paris, the woman behind the character. Finally, Alexandra discussed the transformation she saw in Paris from the time the film started to the time it ended and how, after all is said and done, Paris became a changed woman as a result of this film. Tune in now to Part I of our sit down with Alexandra. 

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