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UPDATE: Atlantic City DJ Expo Postponed Until November 2020

Now in its 31st year, The DJ Expo, produced by DJ Times Magazine and Publisher Testa Communications, remains America’s longest-running and most-successful DJ conference/exhibition - always held in Atlantic City. Networking and meeting new colleagues is very important to everyone, particularly in the entertainment business, and this is the place to do it. With entertainment life on lockdown, streaming and coping DJ's were eager to gather and tell their stories. After considerable thought and deliberation, The DJ Expo committee and DJ Times have made a decision this week:

"The 2020 DJ Expo will be back, but has been rescheduled with new dates from it's traditional mid August schedule. As the entire world must acknowledge our current social realities and recognize the health and safety of people, attendees and staff, The DJ Expo will move from its original dates to the Fall – November 16-19 at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. The DJ Expo presents, the industry’s biggest exhibit hall, featuring the latest products for club, mobile and music-making DJs; 30 educational seminars, panels and keynotes; and three nights of sponsored events, not to mention the amazing after parties where DJs can be seen in almost every nightspot showing their talents. The after party events have seen Pitbull, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry to name a few. All performed complimentary to strut there stuff in front of thousands of DJ's. Walking the floor you will bump into Lil Jon, DJ Kool, DJ Skribble and many more".

DJ Kool "Let Me Clear My Throat" at the DJ Expo

Last year, the new show floor was loud and alive with energy. It also seemed louder than prior years, but with tighter space and exhibitors closer than ever before. I understand vendors are trying to compete with one another, but you really could not hear the featured DJ's. This needs to be considered, as sets should be scheduled out and timed. I hindered my ability to evaluate the products with all the bleed over from all the surrounding booths. I also feel that the seminar scheduling needs to be better organized. Hopefully we can take this current pandemic into consideration, and make it a fun and educational experience.

I also think the events need to be more centralized. With that said, I still had a good time and enjoyed seeing the new gear, plus the networking was great. It is the one chance DJ entertainers get to speak and share their status in person, because we are typically a community that shares respect with each other from a distance. Our work separates us, but our passions bring us together during this annual ritual.

I always think back of my career in the 80's and 90's, but things are different now. In order to have bigger success you must enhance your mind with technology and look to the future. As a DJ, trying to be part of a bigger picture was always very difficult. My heartbeat has always been various genre's of music and my career has been based on learning things, doing things different, zigging when everyone else was zagging and just doing it for the art. I do, however, remember one specific period in 2004 at the Casbah in Atlantic City where I said to myself: “You know what? I just want to start playing new music and enhance my knowledge and technology. It's time for the next level."

An entertainers, our greatest attribute is the ability to be versatile with our talent. You must keep your mind open, and build a better mouse trap. The Atlantic City DJ Expo is that place to enhance your knowledge, skills and equipment. It's like Christmas morning. DJ's network, love to talk shop, see new products, and pick the brains of other DJ’s. It's great to learn, compare notes and grab one piece of information or perhaps a new technique or figure out how to solve a problem, that can separate us from the rest.

The DJ Expo is a place to showcase new products, meet thousands of DJ's, musical producers and artists. Hanging with old and new friends at the after show events has always been a great time. That's where it all happened for me. I made the most valuable relationships attending and playing events all these years. I highly recommend making it your priority to attend. Going to the expo will make the difference in how you perform, and set you apart from your competitors. Whether it’s about new technologies, performance, music, studio tips or marketing, DJ Expo sessions will enhance the career of any participating jock.

If you are a DJ and don’t go to this amazing event, just remember this, Knowledge is Power, what can you do with power? Turn it into a profit!! The benefits are incredible for all attendees! Where else can you go to pick the brains of so many DJ’ that do what we do? You will not find a more saturated location to receive top grade education, exhibits and artists to enhance your business in one location.

DJ Times first presented DJ Expo in 1990—and, ever since, the show has continued to define the industry. Info at

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