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Feed Your Christmas Tree to the Goats & Other Tips for Post Holiday Ease

Well, we almost did it! We are days away from the New Year and now it is time to decide how to de-Holiday the house and start off the year organized.

Photo credit Philly Goat Project

Many townships have a day where you can put your tree at the curb and they will haul it away, but what if there was a better and more sustainable option? I bring you the goat donation drop off. There are a few date options, so click here to find out all the deets: Philly Goat Project.

Photo credit The Container Store

Are you the kind of person that likes to pack all of your holiday stuff in containers? Or maybe you just decided to spend the last few days of 2020 organizing your other stuff. You know, the stuff you said you were going to organize at the beginning of the pandemic. Well, this is the best time to buy all those storage solutions. Check out places like Michaels and Target for post holiday storage sales. And there's always The Container Store for any and all organizational needs you can think of. Check out these wreath storage boxes!

Are you the kind of person that likes creating a vision board of your goals for the next year? Sure you can spend hours going through magazines, cutting out words and pictures and getting hot glue all over your hands. Or you can join Canva and create a digital vision board using their gallery of photos and some online editing tools. Here's a video I found on YouTube to help you streamline the steps:

Bonus: You can also create a 2021 wall calendar on Canva. Check out their templates HERE

Finally, each year I say I'm going to do a better job of keeping receipts and tracking expenses. Best to start from day 1 of the new year right? Check out these tips that can help you achieve this goal, HERE

Hope these tips help! Have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve and I will see you in 2021.

Remember, always bring the sparkle!

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