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Halloween is Here at Six Flags

While many attractions and towns are wrestling with how to celebrate Halloween, Six Flags is moving ahead with Hallowfest, a retooling of their popular Fright Fest, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday now through November 1. More than a dozen major amusement rides will be featured along with mazes and haunted houses.

Park admission is separated into Thrills By Day from 2-6pm for families and young children and 6-closing for Chills by Night geared to teenagers and adults looking for Scare Zones and Haunted Mazes.

As they have done since they were permitted to open in July, Six Flags requires advance registration. All people entering the park will have their temperature checked. Face masks are required for all workers and guests 2 years and older.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

From 2 to 6 p.m, families and young thrill-seekers will experience HALLOWFEST Thrills by Day including:

Thrills by Day:

o Scarecrow Street – Guests are greeted with the sights and smells of autumn as Main Street is decorated in its fall finest with colorful mums, pumpkins, cornstalks, hay bales, and more;

o Pumpkin Patch Lane – Between Fantasy Forest and THE JOKER, guests can stroll amid the pumpkins and hay bales. Located next to Yum Yum Café;

o Hay Bale Maze – Kids 12 and younger can wind their way through the hay! Located on Pumpkin Patch Lane, the heart of the maze features a giant straw man photo opportunity. Located next to Yum Yum Café;

o Trick-or-Treat Trail -- Kids 12 and younger can meet friendly Halloween monsters and receive a bag of individually wrapped sweet treats. Located in the courtyard of Houdini’s Great Escape;

o Magic on the Move – A mysterious magician on the move brings his mesmerizing feats to the streets;

o Cornstalk National Park -- This fanciful kids area on the Great Lake, complete with six rides for the little ones, is adorned with towering cornstalks. Located in Bugs Bunny National Park; and

o Halloween-themed specialty treats, like gooey caramel apples and funnel cakes made with Snickers candy, available for purchase.

Chills by Night:


o Scarecrow Street After Dark – The cheery, festive Main Street area takes a chilling turn as evil scarecrows and zombies come to life in this scare zone around the orange fountain;

o District 6 Unearthed – Ominous fog, eerie lighting, and sirens in this scare zone alert guests that mutant villains have seized control of this gritty Lakefront section at the end of Scarecrow Street;

o Lady of the Lake Cemetery -- Cursed by the Jersey Devil, drowned bride Guinevere – the bride in black -- haunts the Great Lake along with her undead throng in this scare zone along the Lakefront; and

o ClownTown – It’s all fun and games until wicked clowns bring mayhem and madness to the streets of Movietown in this unnerving scare zone;


o The Emergence – When the clock strikes 6 p.m., the theme park takes a creepy turn as haunting sounds fill the air. A horde of ghouls infiltrate the midways, emerging from a different location each night so guests never know where fear will strike;

o PrimeEvil Percussion – Driving beats hit the streets in this pulse-pounding percussion show; and

o Street Cirque – Spellbinding performers bring their awe-inspiring talents to the midways throughout the heart of the theme park.

HAUNTED MAZES – Special Hallow-Maze ticket required

o Mama’s Farm – In this haunted outdoor maze, Mama welcomes guests to her nightmarish homestead of half-human, half-animal mutants who dare to explore the backcountry of The Golden Kingdom;

o Apocalypse – In this haunted outdoor maze, guests try to survive this raw world of scavengers trapped in a global catastrophe. Located in the Metropolis section;

o Wicked Woods – In this haunted outdoor maze, guests dare to venture into the dark and haunted woods where evil creatures from fables and folklore come to life. Located near Cornstalk National Park; and

o Reflections of the Dead – In this haunted indoor maze, guests come face-to-face with themselves as they try to escape a labyrinth of mirrors, mystery and mayhem. Located in Adventure Alley, this attraction features high-tech, special effects, and operates without scare actors.



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