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How to Pimp Out Your 'Work From Home' Set Up

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Recently I visited TRACE in Ardmore, PA. Voted Best Gift Shop on the Main Line by Main Line Today magazine in 2020, it is a local boutique filled with curated art, design and gifts. Like many small businesses, they had to shut down for a few months and have relied heavily on online sales. Owner Marny Baxt says, “Even though our brick and motor store closed for a few months, our network and our social media marketing helped us not skip a beat. . .Our clients become friends and family. We see them buying new homes and celebrating life. Our goal is to have the perfect gifts and home decor to help them brighten up their lives.”

During the pandemic I did a few media segments that discussed the importance of your background for all those zoom meetings and presentations. Many of us are going to be working from home a lot longer than we anticipated in March, and I personally like to change up my background. Whether changing my location altogether or changing the items that serve as conversation starters that appear behind me on camera, TRACE has some great options! Marny states, “With all of our virtual meetings, people have an opportunity to show their personalities in their backgrounds.”

Pictured here are a few of the art prints as well as some examples of the neon signs sold at the boutique. I purchased the “LOVE” sign for my own office.

If you are looking for some additional home décor items to express your personality, don’t sleep on these platters that add a bit of sunshine.

TRACE is also selling some beautiful masks and even fashionable mask necklaces.

Finally, if you have already watched all the things in the last 6 months maybe it is time for some fun game options. TRACE owner Marny says these have been a go-to during the pandemic, “Everyone is craving connection right now. Games are a huge way to connect with loved ones, and they bridge the generations. Our games are an elevated take on the traditional. Always colorful and they look good on display too! We even carry an Eagles green checkers board.”

Right now all games and outdoor items are 20% off!

If you are in the Ardmore area, stop in and visit TRACE. You can also shop online at And be sure to follow TRACE on Instagram at @thetraceshop.

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