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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month | Get Your Tickets to the "Blue Ribbon Gala"

Bella Levy is one of the most active advocates for human trafficking awareness, that I personally know, and she is bringing her annual charity fundraiser - The "Blue Ribbon Gala" - to the Marriott Spring Hill Suites in Baltimore, Maryland January 27-29th, 2023.

January is the official human trafficking awareness month, and Bella Levy, the Founder of the Bella Levy Foundation expects this weekend to be focused on awareness, education and preventative methods against human trafficking.

Expect to also see some stars, as the formal press release states, world-renowned Jackeline “Lu Lu” Brown (Atlanta) will say grace prior to dinner. Four DJ's will keep the room entertained with Top40 classics, salsa music, and today's greatest hits. DJ Mambo Soul from Salsa Underground, is no stanger to the DMV salsa scene, DJ Extreme (Virginia Beach), DJ Infinity (South Carolina) as well as Gary "DJ of the Way" Dennis will keep everyone on their feet. In addition, there will be a salsa lesson lead by the talented Trevor Brown (international) as well as a self-defense karate demo from Tanya Z Jones. (New Jersey).

Opening ceremonies include Tommy Vino (New York), followed by a celebrity and star studded design team lead by Baltimore’s very own Mr. Cory Johnson from BOOSHI LOVE. There are models rockin' that royal blue runway and so much more! And Grammy award winning Opera singer Carmelita Bartholomew will share her angelic and award-winning voice with her rendition of Madam Butterfly.

Comedian John Thompson will have everyone laughing with his stand-up routine, Grammy award winning Opera singer Carmelita Bartholomew will share her angelic and award-winning voice with her rendition of Madam Butterfly.

And some of our featured live artists are "Carolina 2x Shine"(North Carolina), Lovari (New York), Sally Sweets (Florida), Kimia’ (DMV), Jay Young (DMV), Phillinme’ (NY/DMV), Elder Dempster (Nigeria/DMV). So check our website daily for any updates and performer announcements.

There will be gift baskets and other donated items/services!

Also, local caterers have stepped up to show support by providing fun food for the Friday night meet and greet, the gala dinner and the farewell breakfast. You'll also enjoy a cash bar with the signature royal Blue “Bellatini”.

If you're interested in Gala tickets, being a vendor, sponsor or even book a hotel room CLICK HERE.

Plus, dress to impress, as there will be several secret celebrity Judges who will announce and crown Mr. and Ms. Gala of the night. So wear your royal blue, proudly, as you may just take home the crown!

And don't forget to say #ohheyyy to the official Gala hostess and dynamic community connector Ms. Robin Shockley of Focus Forward with Robin, and Robin on the go. Get your interview on the royal blue carpet, and make sure you catch her signature inspirational tagline, "If you think a thing you believe thing, if you believe it you will achieve it!"

Oh and if that wasn't enough, a very special and touching Awards ceremony will be presented by the Bella Levy Foundation Ambassador of Humanity, Mr. Hazel Roche, Celebrity Boxing heavyweight champ.

Awards are as follows:

1. Noemi Mimi Perez Award

2. Sound of Freedom Award

3. BLF Humanitarian Award of Excellence

It wouldn't be an honorable night, unless we have a victim impact statement from 2 VERY brave

survivors, or as Bella calls them her warriors.

So let's stand together in solidarity against Human Trafficking! GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!

See a recent interview we did with Bella Levy or , and hear advice on how fyou can help someone, how to be aware of your surroundings when it comes to Human Trafficking, and listen to the story behind how she created this foundation as well as the Blue Ribbon Project, and the infamous QR Code that could save a life!


All media outlets who are interested in an interview with Bella Levy of the Bella Levy Foundation

and the Blue Ribbon Project, send your request to Public Relations at

If you are interested in being a sponsor or contribute to this wonderful cause, please send

your information to the

Media Contact:

Robin Shockley

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