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Is There Still Sex in the City?

I had the good fortune recently of attending an intimate brunch, Cosmo contest and conversation with Sex and the City creator and best selling author Candace Bushnell at Rouge in Center City Philadelphia. I was as excited about what she would say as to see what she would wear! See the photo of her incredible shoes below. The fashion did not disappoint.

In 2019, Bushnell published a book titled, Is There Still Sex in the City? that is now a one-woman play being performed at the Bucks County Playhouse. It is based on her real life experiences through her 30s, 40s, and 50s. Performances started June 22nd and run until July 18th, 2021.

The message of the play is really centered on the importance and place of "girlfriends" in our lives. As we emerge from the pandemic I personally see this as more important than ever. I asked Bushnell about getting through the pandemic and she was quick to mention her girlfriends as the "lifeline" to coping with 2020. She also feels girlfriends are even more important and special as we get older.

Another guest at the brunch, Janice Waitkus, Store Director at Lagos in Philadelphia, talked about re-watching the original series with her daughter and her generation and said it has been a bonding experience and has given them something to talk about during covid. "We see things in different ways through generations. . .it is multigenerational," she said. While I do not have children myself, I certainly agree with this sentiment and re-watch the original series again and again seeing it differently each time as I am at different stages in my own life.

In addition to general admission tickets to the play, there are several VIP experiences including a VIP ticket that includes preferred seating and a "Candace Cosmos" as well as a "Girls Night Out" ticket. For the GNO you can attend a post show meet and greet with Bushnell herself!

Be sure to get your tickets now! I am attending July 10th myself.

Link for tickets:

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