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'Ladies of London' Producers Were “So Full of Sh*t” on the Premise of the Show to Caprice Bourret

Supermodel extraordinaire Caprice Bourret steps Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef to discuss her time on Bravo's Ladies of London. Listen now!

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Caprice Bourret (Ladies of London):

Ladies of London’s Caprice Bourret steps Behind The Rope. Calling from her closet, no really she is in her expansive, white closet, from across the pond, Caprice is here to tell it all. Originally from California, Caprice moved to London when she was in her early 20s. As an aspiring model, she deemed London a good place to launch her career. Within six months of arriving, she was on the cover of every UK magazine, newspaper and so on. 350 magazine covers to be exact, and counting. Even though it all happened so fast and Caprice skyrocketed to the top of the modeling world, she always knew it could be a a flash in the pan, and thus started By Caprice Home Products. Smart Biscuit. When her agents didn’t think she was right to play Maureen in Rent, she queued in line like everyone else and proved them all wrong, landing the part to rave reviews once the show opened in the West End. Ok thats all fine, sweet and good, but lets get to it - LADIES - OF LONDON!!!!! Caprice explains how he show was originally supposed to be a sociological study in the assimilations of Americans living abroad in London and not a dramatic “housewives type” show. Well that isn’t exactly what happened, now is it? Not that we are complaining. Caprice discusses her time on the show, casting, filming, editing, and how the final product was not at all what she expected. We talk about her Ladies of London costars, Caroline Stanbury, Marissa Hermer, Juliet Angus, Noelle Reno, and Juliet Montagu, who she knew before the show, which friendships were “tested” as a result of the show, and who she keeps in touch with today. She was also on The Surreal Life and Celebrity Big Brother, two of the best reality shows, outside of Bravo of course, to ever exist.

*David's Dish - Where the Stars Eat, Drink, & Dish*

Courtesy of @capricebourret on Instagram

Caprice Bourret is dining right at home! She shared her famous cupcake frosting to her Instagram, and it looks just as heavenly as she does! Make sure to check it out.

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