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Rise & Grind People!

Here's a quick video I wrote to give you a little taste of what you can look forward to.

Tune In. Like. Suscribe.

Xiou Xian.


Trying to make a decision but now you’re confused,

you never knew the situations that you’d run to,

but no fear - there’s hope here,

the trials and tribulations in life can be fun too.

Now growing up we all had three choices,

listen to parents, friends or self - yeah - they’re the voices,

and noise is: telling you that you’re less,

a hinderance to progress,

feeding your mind with stress.

Society’s elementary through to college,

but somehow the drop-outs are the ones with all the knowledge,

and even though you have your bachelors and degrees,

dot your i’s and cross your t’s,

the world won’t give you the keys.

What can you do?

But push through,

find out which skill works best for you.

Everyone’s gift is heaven-sent.

Find your place and build your tent.

There’s more to life than getting by and just paying rent.

I know it’s like you’re trapped in a dungeon,

but there are options and even other forms of funding.

Whatever you do in life make your effort 100.

Rise and grind people - Lessons with London.

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1 Comment

Marc Ullman
Marc Ullman
Mar 02, 2021

nice rhyme

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