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Looking Back, Fun Dance on Film

Among the many things that these COVID times have imposed on us, the use of technology to stay in touch with the world is one them. Of course, prior to 2020, this was already a widely used means of communicating, getting work done and getting information, but technology use really surged with the pandemic shutdowns. Jumping in stocks and reaching unexpected demographics, devices and platforms multiplied everywhere. And like everyone else, while in quarantine and out of necessity, many artists have too found this to be a new way (even if temporary) to continue creating. And despite the performing arts really demanding an in-person experience, with producers/performers favoring live participation, most agree that the video medium has long ago become a great way to reach broad audiences. Since March, many new creations have already emerged in theater, poetry, music, dance and more. But what about those artists who were exploring this medium BEFORE the Coronavirus upheaval? Making movement specifically to fit the screen medium, using its format in ways that maximized its effect, they perfected their game. Nostalgically looking back, I was glad to use my time stuck in the house to remember just a few “dance on film” pieces. Below is a highlight of three unique, creative works to enjoy from home until we can once again convene freely in the larger halls and theaters of yesteryear (has it been that long already??) The dances range in genre, time periods and moods, but certainly connect the dancers in the common experience of creating for the cameras before we were all heads in boxes.

Genre: Contemporary Title: Chairs (2014) About: Made at DeSales University. Danced by Gina Palumbo and Chair, Written by Roman Howell, Sean Boyd and Brian McQuade. The chair wanted so badly to dance…

Genre: Jazz

About: by Bob Fosse from Sweet Charity. With Shirley MacLaine.

Genre: Tap Title: Tap with Me (2019) About: with Maurice Chestnut, directed by Yuri Alves, award-winning filmmaker . Music by composer Boris Ivanov.

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