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Get Into the Holiday Spirit at the Craftsman Row Christmas and Holiday Pop-up

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

On Sunday night, I attended an annual Christmas and Holiday pop-up event at Craftsman Row Saloon in Philly. I had no idea what to expect because- quite frankly I know Christmas is coming soon after Thanksgiving, but I usually don’t feel the holiday spirit until late November. That was until I stopped by Craftsman Row...

As soon as I turned onto 8th Street, I saw the lights and decorations and knew I was at the right spot. I walked to the restaurant and BOOM, it felt like I walked into Winter Wonderland. There were red, white, and silver ornaments hanging from the ceiling. Lights wrapped around the walls and even adorable Santa hats over every bar seat! I was greeted right away with smiles, and the atmosphere was delightful. There were snowflakes hanging from the ceiling with Xmas pine trees covering every wall, and Christmas music playing! With all of this ambiance, suddenly- I was in the holiday spirit.

My boyfriend Gio and I were greeted by our waitress who informed us how the menu worked for this event. We were able to choose an appetizer to share, so we decided on ‘Pigs in a Blanket Wreath’ : hot dogs, puff pastry, red pepper bow, rosemary sprigs. I was a little disappointed because I wanted sweet potato fries, but was so happy Gio choose this, because they were AMAZING! I’ve never tasted hot dogs this good, I swear.

The entrees were yummy. My turkey meal was pretty good, the sweet potatoes were phenomenal. Gio’s ‘Christmas Dinner Burger’ was to die for. It had 2 smashed patties, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato fries, and American cheese on a martins potato roll.

Our next drinks were ‘St. Nick’s Milk and Cookies’ and ‘Blue Holiday.’ Both were extremely good and sweet. I finished this drink way too fast. The garnishes were so cute and unique I'm still obsessed. The rim was made with fluff under the graham crackers which made the drink taste even better when you took a sip!

To top it all off we ordered ‘Santa’s Cookies aka Gettin’ Chippy With It’ for dessert. This was soooo good I couldn’t believe it. Especially the way it was plated, you could tell there was a lot of effort to put together such a masterpiece!

I will definitely be back and bringing more friends and family this time! Thank you Craftsman Row Saloon for instilling the Holiday spirit in me earlier than expected!!!!

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