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Marge Sr. Gives Her Thoughts on The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Marge Sr., mother to Margaret Joseph and best friend to David Yontef, steps Behind The Velvet Rope. Listen now for everything #RHONJ!

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Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Marge Sr. - #RHONJ (Steps Behind The Rope) (Click to Listen)

David welcomes BFF Marge Sr. Behind The Rope. Now that the 10th installment of RHONJ is over, hear all about this past season from David and Marge Sr., two people who were there for much of the seasons' filming. They discuss the good (Teresa being a potential single woman), the bad (Jennifer and her obsession with money) and the ugly (that hair pull, how it affected Margaret, and of course, everyones favorite topic, Danielle Staub). What else do these two talk about? Well, EVERYTHING. David's part time job working with Marge Sr., shopping, food, sleep overs at Marge Sr.'s and how David tries to avoid Freckles and Maxi, Marge Sr's two beloved felines. Finally, they talk about the upcoming Season 11 of RHONJ (yes, we are already there) before heading out for an evening cocktail. A comedy duo not to be missed.

*David's Dish*


544 Bloomfield Ave Montclair, NJ 07042 T. 973-542-7700

Had to give a NJ rec in honor of #RHONJ!

Rooftop. Craft Cocktails. Friend Group Approved.

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