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Miz Cracker’s Reaction to Her RuPaul's Drag Race Casting Call

Miz Cracker steps Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef! The RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 contestant and All Stars Season 5 Runner Up dishes about her career in drag and 2021 blockbuster comedy tour "She's A Woman." Listen now.

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Miz Cracker (on being Drag Race All Stars Runner Up, Season 10 Drag Race, RuPaul, Her Comedy and So Much More):

Miz Cracker steps Behind The Rope. Drag Race Season 10 Contestant and Runner Up (damn you Shea Couleé. We kid, we kid) for All Stars Season 5, Miz Cracker is here to dish, schmooze and share. Both being New Yorkers, David and Cracker bond over New York City nightlife, food and people. Falling into drag though a chance meeting with Drag Mother, Bob The Drag Queen, Miz Cracker shares her early beginnings in drag - the good, the bad, the other. Her early beginnings, just to be clear, were at a time before Drag Race was the “mainstream” juggernaut that it is today. She discusses her own involvement in Drag Race - how she were cast, why she was not ready for the show prior to Season 10, what filming was like, the other queens, the involvement of RuPaul, her elimination in Season 10 and ultimate placement as Runner Up in All Stars Season Five. On a larger note, Miz Cracker shares her thoughts on how Drag Race has changed the industry, the business side of drag, and how she has morphed from a Baby Drag Queen to the Woman we see before us here today. We discuss those Drag Competitions, the true difficulty of Drag Race, and the Power of TV and being one of "RuPaul’s Girls”. Miz Cracker opens up about how she has changed since Drag Race and has dealt with being a Queen in the public eye. Miz Cracker, as humble as she is, has been one busy queen since Drag Race Season 5 ended - world tours with her one woman shows, booming YouTube channel, People’s Choice Awards “Competition. What hasn’t Miz Cracker done? She is not slowing down anytime soon. Miz Cracker discusses her brilliant “She’s A Woman” Podcast, her recent appearance on Hulu’s original new series “Eater’s Guide To The World”, a food travel show hosted by Maya Rudolph, and her preparations for a blockbuster 2021 Comedy Tour, when the world opens, “She’s A Woman”. Last but least, we talk about that one time she met Meryl Streep. OMG. Say what? Tune in now if you are ready to laugh with the one and only Miz Cracker.

*David's Dish - Where the Stars Eat, Drink, & Dish*

Empanada Mama

765 9th Ave. (Hell’s Kitchen)

95 Allen St. (Lower East Side)

200 W 40th St. (Times Square)

New York, NY

Courtesy of @miz_cracker

One of Miz Cracker's FAVORITE nyc spots, Empanada Mama, which she shares in Eater's Guide to the World on Hulu! Watch episode 3 “The Ass Crack of Dawn in New York City" to see for yourself. *Warning* mouth may start to salivate!

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