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Nuns + Wine = A+ Humor

Bensalem, Somerton, Warminster, Huntingdon Valley, Philadelphia – go see Drinking Habits 2 presented by the Playmasters Playhouse in Neshaminy State Park. This good-natured comedy by Tom Smith and directed by Kathy Garofano, has audiences laughing out loud at its clever lines, over-the-top comedic moments, and silly antics.

A special mission, a love story, and family drama are all mixed into this cute adventure of the loveable Sisters of Perpetual Sewing and their religious family. An orphanage in need has everyone pitching in for fundraising, but “it's no easy feat when the sisters' award-winning wine keeps getting switched with the grape juice!”

Playmasters is a non-profit community theater group, operating since 1952, performing a variety of comedic productions. The season runs from September to May, with four plays per season. I have to admit that when I went to the December 2 show, I was expecting great acting, but a less-than-wow props variation. I was then very impressed at the beauty and serenity the theater was able to convey with the very believable set. With the visuals, lighting and sound, we were truly transported to the convent. At intermission, I heard others around me echoing this, as well.

And when this productions closes, auditions for the next show begin immediately. Auditions will be held for the following play of Don’t Talk to the Actors, at 7pm on December 13 and 14, at the theater. Let the actors in your life know! But for now - in the words of a delighted audience member about Drinking Habits 2 – “Go see this very funny show. You will leave with a smile on your face!” And you still have four chances to catch those silly nuns: Thursday through Saturday, December 9-11 at 8pm, or Sunday, December 12 at 2pm.

Plenty of parking, just don’t get lost! The address is literally “State Rd., Bensalem, PA 19020”. A simple google search will bring you to the right place, or just follow Street Road until it dead ends and turn left onto State Rd. The theater is just a little bit down. Call ahead for tickets 215-245-7850, or get at door, $15 cash or check only. Enjoy!

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