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You Can't Stop the Beat | NYC Theatre Still Keeping the Arts Alive

photo credit Gwen Ong

As a member of the Arts community and of the Broadway Union, Actors Equity Association, I applaud our great creative minds in New York City and all across the land for their unwavering efforts to keep our spirits lifted as the curtains have come down temporarily. Broadway performances in general, are suspended through the remainder of 2020. As of now, returning productions are currently projected to resume performances over a series of rolling dates in early 2021 - January-March. The fabulous will be streaming some Broadway shows and thankfully, PBS this summer will be re-playing “She Loves Me” and a few other classics to keep Theatre audiences engaged and entertained. The Broadway production of Hamilton on Disney+ was a perfect opportunity for theatre goers to experience something unique right from their living room (what normally would have been a hard ticket to find). The "out of the box" thinking to keep Arts alive has been outstanding!! and Telecharge have had amazing programs to watch as well, past performances of Bernadette Peters, Norm Lewis, and other Broadway favorites have flooded the airwaves and the internet to keep the "pulse" and heartbeat of the community going.

The museums are either open or getting ready, which is vital to New York City. Other private institutions like the Frick and Morgan Library, will be able to take baby steps with small trio classical concerts, poetry readings, and holiday events. The larger event spaces will be going through a major overhaul of changes to be Covid-19 compliant as well as other modifications to meet current standards.

Living in New York City through 911 and the Blackout of 2003, Broadway went dark for a moment, it was like a shot through the heart, but somewhere deep down you knew the lights would come up again. Seventeen years later, the business of show and the creative arts community went dark again. The loss on every level has been devastating financially, emotionally and spiritually. The impact and loss of just one show- the actors, the singers, the dancers, the technicians, the musicians, the stage managers, the wardrobe, the tickets sales, the producers, the crew and the audience. Again, we see how innovative the community can be and must be to keep are spirits alive and remember that our own personal Show must go on!!


There are so many great moments in Theatre that can uplift our entire community in times of despair – so we must continue to support the Arts and remember “there’s No people like show people they smile when they are low”

As Tracy Turnblatt sang “You can try to stop the seasons, but you know you never will…”

May 2020 The Actors Fund COVID-19 Emergency Financial Assistance program.

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