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"We Have 100% Constant Flow of Fresh Air" Ocean Casino Resort CEO Terry Glebocki

"This building is the newest building in town, so we have 100% constant flow of fresh air"

~Terry Glebocki, CEO Ocean Casino Resort

Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City reopened their venue on Thursday July 2nd, 2020. CEO Terry Glebocki talks about the safety precautions in place for guests, as well as their vast open property which encompasses 6 million square feet and 3 acres of outdoor space, all conducive to social distancing.

The amount of food options is also very impressive. They have Bites + Brews outside, as well as 12 venues open inside where you can get food to go. Although you can't eat indoors, you can enjoy it in the Sky Garden, The Pool, your hotel room or even the Atlantic City boardwalk.

And if you're feeling nervous about coming to a casino, Glebocki assures you that due to the sheer size of her staff, she has hundreds of cleaners that keep the property incredibly clean.

For more information about Ocean Casino Resort visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheOceanAC, or Facebook at Ocean Casino Resort.

Cover Photo: The official blackjack hand dealt to Joe Arnashus of Everything Atlantic City

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