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Outdoor Dining & More From Asbury Park New Jersey

Welcome to my new weekly Blog on Asbury Park - "The Discovered and yet to be Discovered"! In this blog, I will tell you more about what you probably already know about Asbury Park, and also, about people, places, and things you might never have known about - until now.

Let's start with last night's dining experience in Asbury Park. It was a great night, and my first dining outing during this Pandemic. A beautiful Saturday night, I felt that nothing was out of reach - and it wasn't!

My husband and I, without a reservation, descended onto Cookman Avenue for a Saturday night stroll to check out the new street dining and the return of nightlife in this fun, edgy town. The night did not disappoint, and only surpassed our expectations.

I stopped to take many pictures of people sharing food and drink with family and friends. There were smiles from ear to ear from table to table. There were dining areas of picnic benches and lounges smartly filled with people and pups. (Next time, our pup, Meia will join us in this pet friendly town famous for "Yappy Hour"!)

We chose Capitoline for our first dine out, as I just LOVE this group of restaurants - Capitoline (Italian), Loteria (Mexican) and the Bond Street Bar (great burgers!). Although, we love all 3 restaurants and have frequented all too many times to mention, it was a mozzarella sticks and pizza night.

If you have never had the mozzarella sticks (or the Italian Nachos) at Capitoline, go NOW! They are the best, and honestly, I could just sit there all night with a glass or two of chardonnay and these mozzarella sticks. Deep fried with cheese oozing out only on one end, they are simply perfection. We also chose the Deep Dish Pie. Yum! Again, if you love cheese like me, this is one of the cheesiest pies I have ever tasted! And, it is filled with just enough tomato sauce in a delicious, doughy, deep dish crust.

After dinner, we went for another stroll to check out the shopping! Racks of clothes, bookcases of vinyl albums and quirky signs lined the sidewalks and streets. Asbury was back, full of life, food, music and smiles.

Meet me back here next week - in Asbury Park!


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