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Pandemic Fitness Starter Kit!

Quarantine life got you down? Are you feeling more tired, heavier and stiffer? We are changing en masse - more staying indoors, less commuting and added phone scrolling is enough to get anyone concerned about their health.

Well there IS something you can do, and it’s really quite simple: MOVE. Just a little, every day, but do it consistently. No excuses.

Photo by Brian Mengini

You know this is true, but now the hard part - getting motivated. In my experience as a movement professional, I find the most common setback for people is trying to take on too much, too soon, and taking the first step. So here's some good news for our readers, we are giving that first step to you! Try an easy and fun way to combat your stationary lifestyle, with your free starter kit right here at The City Pulse– the 5 Minute Fitness series!

Created in March to serve as a virtual movement guide for everyone at home hunkering in stress and at computers, it was originally done live at 11 o’clock every morning, and the 40+ sequences are now recorded HERE.

You will see a consistent structure. The day’s movement is introduced with a detailed breakdown of the important points and the how-to, as well as a note about which group of muscles or body parts are targeted. The explanation is then followed by an opportunity to do the steps together with the instructor. And all of this can be achieved in approximately 5 minutes! It is a routine you can set, at the same time each day, and once you learn more and more, you can combine the movements from different segments to create your own unique routine based on what you feel you need.

Of course, it is of primary importance that you are in tune with your body’s range and limitations and do not over-exert yourself. You should always consult with your trusted healthcare professional before engaging in any activities.

Start tomorrow and enjoy 40 days of commitment to your health. And feel free to modify – the segments are a set of ideas. Learn them, layer them with increased repetitions, and longer duration, and choose as you need to take part.

If you have any questions about what you see, and proper understanding of the daily goals, email me!

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