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This Weekend: Remembering Terezin’s Children Through Art

Photo by Gabriel Foo Dancers Kat Corbett, Casey Van Newenhizen,Cailin Sweeney, Sarah Warren

Another great arts and culture opportunity this weekend: See Maybe Even Higher (dance performance) virtually, this Sunday, July 19 with ARTIST HOUSE/Asya Zlatina + Dancers. The show itself is inspired by children's artwork from the Terezin/Theresienstadt ghetto and camp, and imagines each picture coming to life. Set to the music of Brahms' 16 waltzes, the choreography is the physical representation of the selected drawings, noting their composition, colors and subject. Maybe Even Higher honors the memories of the children who made the drawings and perished in this camp, and strives to secure their legacy to life beyond a museum. This encore installment of the beloved production is once again presented by the Multicultural Arts Exchange. The $10 tickets can be purchased HERE, and include: a view link of the full show, pre-show libretto with the artwork, link to the cast discussing the creative process, and a live Q+A session with the choreographer.

The show can be viewed on your own time, while the choreographer talk back is live and set for 2pm EST on Sunday. Proceeds support the dancers directly, as they hope for a quick recovery of performance tours. Do not miss it and tell your friends, a must see! #ThisWeekend#July#thearts#dance#Terezin#Holocaust

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