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Renault Winery is Re-Vamped, Re-Energized & Ready for Your Next Party!

Our friends said they were meeting at Renault Winery to hear live music and get fresh air, so they invited us to join them and a couple of other peeps for a fun happy hour - which was so nice! My husband and I haven't been there in many years, even though we live just minutes away - sigh. In fact, we used to spend every New Years Eve having dinner in their rustic dining room. We'd get dressed up (well I mean, he tries) and would head to dinner super early like 6pm, this way we avoided the crowd, and it was more of an intimate setting. We always such a lovely experience, and would promise each other to go back more often - BUT you know how that story goes. Ha!

So anyway, we joined our friends at the winery and to our surprise, we saw a complete 180 right off the bat! Every single aspect has been updated, revamped, expanded, renewed. It's a thriving destination venue - even during these crazy times we are in - that you can go to, hang out, feel comfortable and safe, and just have a good time with friends and family.

Luckily for me, I've known Chef Paul Drew for many years, and when I saw he was on property, I said let's do an impromptu tour. So please excuse the video editing, as I was not fully prepared (but always have a microphone in my purse, ha). It's certainly very eye opening to see this transformation, and i'm so very happy for everyone involved, because it's such a magnificent hidden gem of our area, that more people need to know about!

Check out our video:

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