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RHONY's Elyse Slaine Sets the Record Straight on Her Luxurious Past

Elyse Slaine steps Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef to discuss her Brooklyn upbringing turned Upper East Side lifestyle that landed her on the ICONIC Real Housewives of New York. An episode you don't want to miss!

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Meet Elyse Slaine (#RHONY) -

After making her mark this past week during a much heated discussion with Sonja Morgan (“I was never a trophy wife”), Elyse Slaine comes all the way downtown for a chat about all things Elyse and RHONY. From her humble beginnings in Brooklyn, Elyse settled in NYC’s UES shortly after school and began a career in Mortgaged Back Securities and Financial Trading (yes, she is smart). Elyse sets the record straight about her google rich past - palatial apartments, hedge fund honcho ex-boyfriends and feisty housekeepers. Despite what you may have read in the press, hear the real story directly from Elyse herself. Of course, all roads lead back to RHONY. Elyse tells us how she was cast (by accident folks), her relationships with Apple holders past (Jill, Bethenny, Heather, Aviva), present (Dorinda, Sonja, Leah) and how she feels about her Moniker, “Ramona’s Friend”. Take a bite out of that apple and listen in.

*David's Dish* - Where the Who's Who Dine


181 Thompson Street

New York, NY 10012

A New York AND Real Housewives' Favorite. The Spicy Rigatoni is EVERYTHING. The restaurant is always star studded (if you can get a reservation, you'll understand why.)

*Outdoor Dining and Takeout are available

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